British journalist Benjamin Hall hospitalised in Ukraine while reporting for Fox News

London-born Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall (pictured) was injured while reporting in Ukraine. Credit: Instagram/@benjaminhallfnc

A British-born Fox News journalist has been hospitalised following injuries sustained reporting on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the US network confirmed.

39-year-old Fox News foreign correspondent Benjamin Hall was injured just outside of Kyiv, Ukraine's capital, on Monday.

Fox News chief executive Suzanne Scott confirmed the news in a note to staff, which was later read on-air by anchor John Roberts.

"We have a minimal level of details right now. But Ben is hospitalised and our teams on the ground are working to gather additional information as the situation quickly unfolds", Ms Scott's note said.

“The safety of our entire team of journalists in Ukraine and the surrounding regions is our top priority and of the utmost importance", the note continued. Ms Scott said Benjamin Hall's injury was a "stark reminder" for all journalists "who are putting their lives on the line every day" to report from Ukraine.

"Please keep Ben and his family in your prayers." Ms Scott's note concluded.

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Earlier on Monday, before Fox News confirmed Mr Hall had been injured, a Ukrainian official posted to Facebook a photo of the foreign correspondent's press pass and claimed that a British journalist had been hospitalised with “serious injuries.” Benjamin Hall - who was born in London and went to school in North Yorkshire - holds dual UK and US citizenship. He has worked for Fox News since 2015.

The war correspondent - who has previously submitted work for the BBC, Sunday Times, and Al Jazeera - is the latest journalist to be caught up in Russian fire during the war in Ukraine.

On Sunday, filmmaker and journalist Brent Renaud was killed just outside Ukraine's capital, in Irpin. Mr Renaud, who was 50, was shot outside of a checkpoint, along with two other journalists. One of the journalists with Mr Renaud said the pair were trying to film refugees fleeing the city, when Russian forces opened fire.

Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, paid tribute to the former New York Times freelancer, in a letter addressed to Mr Renaud's family.

"I extend my heartfelt condolences to the family of Brent Renaud who lost his life while documenting the ruthlessness & evil inflicted upon [Ukrainian] people by Russia", Mr Zelenskyy wrote in a statement posted on Twitter.

"May Brent’s life & sacrifice inspire the world to stand up in fight for the forces of light against forces of darkness", he continued.

Benjamin Hall also paid his respects to Brent Renaud. On Sunday, he tweeted: "RIP ….. US journalist Brent Renaud killed in Irpin, just outside Kyiv, when the car he was in came under fire."