Mum tells MPs she'll 'never be the same' after being forced to live in damp and mouldy home

ITV News Political Correspondent Dan Hewitt reports on the Commons inquiry into social housing scandal in England

A mother who was forced to live among black mould after sewage leaked into her home tearfully told MPs that she "has nothing left," as part of an inquiry into the appalling conditions of England's social housing prompted by an ITV News investigation.

After the walls and floors of Angela Price's flat in Manchester were destroyed by a flood that saw sewage seep into her home, the property was never properly repaired, said the mother.

For years, the property, managed by Guinness Homes, was riddled with thick black mould and damp.

Ms Price told ITV News in June 2021 how she couldn't sleep in her own bedroom due to the mould, and struggled with breathing problems and headaches. She described how she was "living in a nightmare" that made her and her daughter feel embarrassed.

Recalling her ordeal, Ms Price told MPs on Monday: "I don't think I'll be the same person ever again."

"We're all living a nightmare," Ms Price emotionally told ITV News of the impact the poor conditions she was living in was having on her and her daughter in June 2021

"I was ashamed. I smelt to high heaven because of the damp and mould that had imprinted in my clothes and everywhere," Ms Price continued.

"Beds, settees, bedding, towels, everything you can think of. I have got nothing left."

Guinness Homes has since apologised to Ms Price, a housing tenant, and moved her family out and offered her a new property.

Ms Price's experience is just one of many stories ITV News has found revealing the appalling standards of social housing across England.

On Monday, the Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (LUHC) Committee said it was "shocked" to hear the "absolutely awful" experiences of some tenants.

Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt gave evidence at the hearing which was sparked by a 12-month ITV News investigation.

Nicole Walters, a tenant of Southwark Council, told the inquiry she felt like she "could've lost my life" after the ceiling of her living room caved in three times.

She captured the third time the ceiling collapsed and flooded water into her living room above the sofa where her six-year-old son usually sits, on camera. She can be heard shouting "I've told them!" in footage.

Watch the shocking video here:

In June 2021, Ms Walters told ITV News she'd repeatedly warned Southwark Council it would happen again but nothing was done.

She tearfully said she was "tired of complaining" and just wanted a place she and her son could "call home".

Nine months on and she was called to Parliament to share her story.

"I felt like I literally could've lost my life within that property," she told MPs.

"They didn't offer help or services until I was begging them literally in tears saying I need some sort of help. I can't survive like this.

"I don't know how you expect people to survive when you've done this to me, when I complained so many times."

Nicole told ITV News in June 2021 how her son could have been killed due to the persistent leaks in their old property

Southwark Council apologised and moved Ms Walters and her family out, putting them in a new flat in August. However, they were told it is only temporary.

Although Ms Walters said she's "grateful" she doesn't have to live with "the fear of dying," she said she still struggles to make her current property - which has no carpets - feel like a home when she could be asked to move out at any moment.

After giving evidence, the chair of the Commons committee told Ms Price and Ms Walters: "We're all actually shocked - I can just see members round here - it probably takes quite a lot to shock a number of MPs but I think we are at the situation you've found yourself in.

"That really is absolutely awful."

The inquiry said it is aiming to examine concerns about the quality of social housing in England, placing a particular focus on the ability of the Regulator of Social Housing and the Housing Ombudsman to identify and address problems like Ms Price and Ms Walters'.