True horror in Mariupol revealed as Russians continue brutal siege

This video contains distressing images

The siege of Mariupol has been brutal and relentless, as Senior International Correspondent John Irvine reports

Three weeks on in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, thousands of images have highlighted the horror of daily life in cities across the country.

While there is some hope of a ceasefire, there is no escaping the shock from the latest account of just how terrifying life really is inside the besieged city of Mariupol, in the south of Ukraine.

The Red Cross said eight days ago it was "apocalyptic" inside the city.

The Russians didn't want anyone to see the results of their cruelty, but now a news crew working for Associated Press has managed to give us an account of life - and death - inside the siege at phenomenal personal risk.

What we are about to show is particularly hard to stomach. But the team's courage has given the world a glimpse of just how horrific things are.