'I realised how much I loved them': Doctor safe with family in Ireland after they fled Ukraine

ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn spoke to the doctor who expressed how being reunited with his family has filled him with joy and relief

Safe, warm and welcome in Ireland.

Rosty, a doctor from Bristol, had worried every day for his family back in Ukraine.

But he travelled to Poland to find his sister and nieces after they crossed the border fleeing the war.

"I realised how much I loved them and how much I missed them," he told ITV News.

"You never appreciate it when their lives are not in danger and there is stability."

Rosty enjoys spending time with his niece. Credit: ITV News

The family have now travelled to Ireland, where they are safe and well.

Officials waved the family through despite some expired passports.

Rosty's parents, however, have insisted on staying in Ukraine despite the war raging across the country.

"I hope they change their mind one day," he told ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn.