The year-long investigation that uncovered unlivable conditions in Britain's social housing

Tap above to watch ITV News correspondent Daniel Hewitt talk to ITV News' Here's The Story about the year-long investigation

It's exactly a year since ITV News Correspondent Daniel Hewitt first reported on the appalling conditions people in social housing in the UK were enduring.

His first report sparked outrage and revealed what Daniel calls a 'silent crisis'. In the 12 months that followed, thousands of social housing tenants got in touch with ITV News to share their stories of the conditions they were living in.

The investigation has led to several independent enquiries and many tenants being moved into new homes.

Speaking to ITV News' Here's The Story, Daniel reflects on what has happened in the year since the investigation began, what lies behind the problem and whether enough is being done to help people living in poor social housing conditions. You can see more of Daniel's reports from the housing investigation here.

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