Fortnite raises £38 million in three days to help Ukrainians following Russia's invasion

Fortnite has raised £38m. Credit: PA

Video game Fortnite has successfully raised £38 million in just three days for Ukrainian humanitarian causes.

Epic Games, which makes Fortnite, has donated 100% of its income from the latest chapter of the game, launched on March 20.

Fortnite's latest chapter runs until April 3, meaning more money will be raised by the project.

The computer game has 350 million registered users and can have three to four million playing at any one time.

The £38 million sum represents a fifth of the total raised by the entire Disasters Emergency Committee fundraising appeal in its first two weeks.

The money will be shared between the UN’s refugee agency, Unicef and World Food Programme appeals, in addition to charity Direct Relief.

Some believe the move might be attempt to head off some bad PR as the latest chapter of the game revolves around a theme of invasion that requires players to "join the resistance".