What developments have come out of Nato's meeting on Ukraine?

ITV News Europe Editor James Mates has the key details from Thursday's meeting

Two really interesting developments came out of what President Joe Biden and the other leaders have said at the Nato meeting on Thursday regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine.The first is what the response would be if Russia were to use chemical or even tactical nuclear weapons - they all said consequences would be very severe but will elaborate on what they would be. They will maintain ambiguity for tactical reasons. 

Nato said what they would not do before the invasion, so they do not want to repeat that and give Vladimir Putin an advantage once more.

The other big change is the move of forces eastwards. In the past, Nato’s policy in the east is to put a 'tripwire', by having light forces there that couldn't stop Russian tanks cross but they would know they would be going to war with Nato.

This is an example of strategic ambiguity in Nato, as Europe Editor James Mates explains from Brussels

Four more Nato battle groups going into the south east, added to the four in the Balkans of Poland already. There are eight battle groups running from the Balkans in north to the Black Sea in the south.

A clear policy change that if Russia was to venture into any of these countries the policy would be stop them at the border and fight them where they stood.

Putin’s main reason was going to war was to prevent Nato forces going eastwards, he’s produced the opposition effect.

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