Why it's going to be much colder in the UK this week

Temperatures will drop. Credit: PA

Temperatures are set to nosedive this week and after last week’s warm and sunny weather it’ll feel like a bitter blow, with some parts likely to see some snow.

Movement in the jet stream and a shift in pressure is introducing chilly northerlies that’ll cut temperatures to below average for the time of year.

To put into context, northern parts of Britain could be as cold as 6C by day and even colder by night - a long way from the 20s of last week.

It’ll feel noticeably colder in the south as well with temperatures around or even just below the average mark.

Late today and during Wednesday a weather front will cross Scotland into England bringing outbreaks of rain that may turn wintry as much colder air digs in from the north.

This will also bring back the risk of icy surfaces.