Could you run the world's most remote post office in Antarctica?

Credit: UK Antarctic Heritage Trust/Instagram

Enjoy working remotely with flippered friends for work colleagues? You could be the perfect candidate to run the world's most remote post office.

British charity UK Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) is in search of staff to spend five months in Antarctica running and maintaining the Port Lockroy base as well as counting penguins and carrying out observations.

Successful applicants will be based on Goudier Island in the Antarctic Peninsula from November through to March, with "penguins plodding around and the sun peeping over snow topped mountains".

The positions of base leader, shop manager and general assistant all need to be filled - to run the giftshop and post office as well as carrying out wildlife observations and general maintenance.

The job description warns the setting is "physically and mentally challenging" so candidates should have a chat with their GP if they have any medical concerns.

Expect temperatures of between -5C to 10C, but most days are usually just a "few degrees above zero".

The Goudier Island base welcomes around 18,000 visitors each season.

Having begun life as a research station in 1944, the abandoned base was restored in 1996 and has since welcomed those travelling to Antarctica on expedition vessels and yachts.

Living conditions are described as "basic but comfortable" with staff sharing a hostel-style bedroom.

There's no running water on the island, with supplies collected in jerry cans and carried from visiting ships. The only chance of a proper shower is on board visiting ships, but these are not guaranteed.

There's also no flushing toilet - but the basic camping toilet is emptied daily.

With the remote nature of the job, candidates are warned power is limited (so no hair dryers or electric toothbrushes) and there's no internet access or mobile phone reception either.

"You will have very minimal communication with home for up to five months," the job description states.

Unless you plan to quit, the job also isn't suited to smokers - with a no smoking or vaping policy across the site.

If it still sounds like the job for you, get the information in full here.