The man who buried those he couldn't save from village where Russian soldiers may yet be stranded

This video contains distressing images

As more areas around Kyiv are liberated, more stories of horror emerge, as Correspondent Dan Rivers reports

ITV News has seen yet more evidence of atrocities in Ukraine – this time in a village where some fear Russian forces are still stranded.

Coming in the week where shocking accounts of brutal killings have emerged from newly-liberated areas around the capital Kyiv, more discoveries have been made in the village of Vorzel.

The soldiers who escorted our news team into the village said they are nervous, with intact Russian vehicles making them wonder if some soldiers are still somewhere in the village.

Konstantin Gudauskus was one of the men who tried to help people escape the invasion. Standing over unmarked graves, he also recounted how he buried those that didn’t make it.

Do Ukrainians feel more towns have suffered like Bucha and Vorzel? Correspondent Dan Rivers reports from the country

“This man was helping people set up generators, charging up their phones," he said, standing over the burial site of an electrician.

The Russians set up their headquarters in a mansion in the village, where they kept prisoners and anyone who they deemed suspicious.

Their fate is unknown.

The fate of others, however, is all too clear. Four bodies were found in a nearby summerhouse.

One of the bodies found in the village.

One of the many to have died at the hands of the invaders was a well-known physicist in the area.

Mr Gudauskus was in the convoy when he was shot, when he was trying to help him escape.

Oxana Chertsova, another local, told ITV News there were no words to describe the soldiers’ barbarity.

“What can I say about the Russian army…. they were like animals. You can see everything, no words about it,” she said.