'I just felt really alone': Kate Ferdinand opens up about life as a step-mum

Kate Ferdinand tells ITV News Entertainment Reporter Rishi Davda about her journey as a step-mum

Kate Ferdinand has opened up about life as a step-parent to her husband Rio Ferdinand's children after they grieved the loss of their mother.

She's now channeling her experiences into a new podcast, called Blended, to help other parents and children in similar situations.

The former England captain's wife Rebecca died in 2015, aged 34, after a battle with breast cancer, leaving Rio with their three children, Lorenz, Tate, and Tia.

Former TOWIE star Kate, 30, became a step-mum when she married Rio in 2019 and the couple welcomed their son Cree during the coronavirus lockdown.

She told ITV News she "didn't know where to turn" at the beginning, adding while there were lots of resources for first-time mums, there was little advice for blended families.

"I just didn't know where to turn or where to go to, and I just felt really alone."

Kate didn't know where to turn when she first became a step-mum

Kate said her parents separated when she was a child, and this has given her an understanding of what children need from a step-parent.

She knew it was important not to "try and replace" the children's biological parent, she said.

"I'm really clear in that I'm not replacing mummy. You've only got one mum, mummy's mummy, and I'm here, just doing what mummy would be doing if she was here", she said, adding she gave the children the "motherly love" they needed.

"Rebecca was part of their life, so she's part of my life."

Kate talks about life as a step-mum to children who have lost their biological mother

Kate also told ITV News that she struggled with imposter syndrome from "stepping into a readymade family".

"It's taken me quite a while to feel comfortable in my role, but I think that's something that a lot of step-parents do go through," she said.

She said she hoped her new podcast, Blended, could help to change the perception of step-parents.

"I feel like we always see like the wicked stepmothers in fairy tales... I think it's really important to know that there can be bad parents and bad step-parents but it doesn't mean everyone in those roles are bad."

Blended is a celebration of blended families, which covers subjects such as second marriages, divorce, grief and life after loss, as well as adoption and fostering.

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