'Why did he kill my sister?' Sabina Nessa's sister says her murder has 'broken' her family

Chloe Keedy spoke to Sabina Nessa's sister about her death and the conviction of her murderer

The sister of murdered school teacher Sabina Nessa has said her death has "broken" the family "deeply," and said their "horrendous" ordeal is made worse by the questions that remain unanswered by her killer.

Jebina Yasmin Islam said the family "never thought we'd be in this situation" as they continue to come to terms with her brutal murder.

Ms Nessa was attacked as she walked through Cator Park in Kidbrooke, south-east London, on her way to meet a friend on September 17.

"You'd hear this on the news, but you wouldn't hear that it was happening to you," Ms Islam said.

"It's been horrendous" - Jebina Yasmin Islam on the family's unimaginable ordeal

"Getting that phone call, saying that she's not here anymore, just like the worst case, a bad dream. And going there, going to my mum's, driving, that was just horrific, that long journey from London to my mum's, then having them say that she was found dead."

Ms Nessa's murder has left a large hole in the family. Ms Islam has said previously that "we’re four sisters, we’re not three."

“We’ll always be four sisters even though she’s not here.”

She said: "It's affected my sisters, affected my parents. You just wouldn't believe that it would happen to you. It's affected my daughters as well."

Koci Selamaj was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 36 years in February at the Old Bailey for the sexually motivated attack.

Selamaj, 36, travelled to London from the south coast to carry out the premeditated attack on a random woman.

CCTV footage captured the moment Selamaj attacked Ms Nessa by striking her over the head 34 times with a two foot-long metal traffic triangle, before carrying her away unconscious.

"How could he hurt my sister?"

He then pulled up her clothes, removed her tights and underwear and strangled her before covering her body in grass.

Ms Islam said he was a "vile animal."

"How could he do that? How could he hurt my sister? The thought that he was waiting for some woman to attack her and do what he wanted to do... " she said.

Selamaj, who pleaded guilty to murder in February, refused to come to the Old Bailey and was jailed for life in his absence.

He has never explained his motive for the murder or given Ms Nessa's family any explanation.

In mitigation, Lewis Power QC had said Selamaj had provided no explanation for why he killed Ms Nessa, adding: “He simply accepts that he did it.”

Ms Islam said his silence makes her angry.

"My sister was funny, lovable, caring" - Jebina Yasmin Islam on her "crazy" sister, Sabina Nessa

"The fact that he wouldn't answer the questions as well. Why did he kill my sister? Why? I will never know that answer," she said.

Ms Islam describes her sister as "funny, lovable, caring".

"She was crazy - my youngest two will say that she was crazy. She was very opinionated as well. So she had a good heart, and she loved her nieces."

In the victim impact statement she read out in court on Thursday, Ms Islam said her sister was an “amazing role model” who was “powerful, fearless, bright and just an amazing soul”.