EastEnders actress Melanie Clark Pullen dies aged 46 after battle with cancer

Melanie Clark Pullen has died after a battle with cancer.
Eastenders star Melanie Clark Pullen dies aged 46 after battle with cancer. Credit: PA

Actress Melanie Clarke Pullen has died aged 46 with cancer.

Making her EastEnders debut in September 1997, while the soap was shot entirely on location in Ireland, she became regular on the show for the next two years.

She also went on to feature in Catherine Cookson's A Dinner Full of Herbs on ITV and in the film Ordinary Love, which starred Liam Neeson and Lesley Manville.

Having initially been diagnosed with cancer in January 2019, a year later she was given the all clear by doctors.

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She told The Irish News at the time: "I got the all clear. I'm cancer free, which is great, so now it's all about recovery."Last June, however, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour - after several rounds of radiotherapy she died on March 29 this year.

She is survived by her three children and husband Simon.