'If Boris Johnson had an ounce of moral fibre he'd resign' says daughter of Covid victim

ITV News North of England Reporter Hannah Miller hears from bereaved families angry at the latest developments in the scandal

Lindsay Jackson had to follow the rules when her mother died, with no family or friends around her, in a care home during the pandemic.

"I couldn't pay my respects to her body, I wasn't allowed," the bereaved daughter told ITV News.

Her mother Sylvia caught Covid during the pandemic and, due to restrictions, died without her loved ones beside her.

'If he had an ounce of moral fibre, then he would resign'

After the prime minister, his wife, and the chancellor were all issued with police fines for attending a rule-breaking birthday party for Boris Johnson during Covid restrictions, Lindsay says the PM must resign.

"There was a time not so long ago when being the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was something great," she says.

"It's an absolute shame and a disgrace and if he had an ounce of moral fibre, which I'm sad to say I don't think he does, then he would resign."

Boris and Carrie Johnson have apologised and paid their £50 fines for breaking Covid regulations - Rishi Sunak offered an “unreserved apology” and also paid the fine.

The fines are in relation a birthday celebration that all three attended on June 19, 2020 - a party first reported by ITV News in January.