Queen expected to miss traditional Easter Sunday service

The monarch, 95, is also missing the annual Maundy Day church service on Thursday and will be represented for the first time by the Prince of Wales. Credit: PA

The Queen is expected to miss another traditional event of the Easter period, the Sunday service attended by the royal family this weekend.

The service is a staple in the royal calendar but the 95-year-old monarch will not be joining other members of her family at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

It follows the announcement from Buckingham Palace that she would miss the annual Maundy Day church service on Thursday, and will be represented for the first time by the Prince of Wales.

The service will see Prince Charles follow the ancient tradition of distributing Maundy money to community stalwarts. ITV News understands the Queen regretted being unable to attend on Thursday, but decided to ask Charles to step in to offer clarity at an early stage, rather than pulling out last minute, which could have overshadowed the service.

It is expected that Charles and Camilla will step in for the monarch more and more on events which require travel, as she has been experiencing mobility issues.

The monarch reached her Platinum Jubilee in February, celebrating 70 years on the throne and will turn 96 next week.

She overcame a bout of Covid after testing positive that month, later revealing the virus had left her "very tired and exhausted".

She was also unwell last October, and after spending a night in hospital she spent the following three months under doctors’ orders to only conduct light duties, meaning she missed a number of prominent events.

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