Moskva crewmembers meet navy chief after sinking of vessel, Russia claims

Video from the Russian Defence Ministry claiming to show crewmembers of the Moskva

The crew of the sunken Moskva missile cruiser have met with the Russian Navy commander-in-chief, the country's ministry of defence has claimed.

The flagship of the country's Black Sea fleet was sunk on Thursday after sustaining heavy damage.

Ukraine claim its forces hit the vessel with missiles.

Russia, not acknowledging any attack, said a fire had detonated ammunition on board before the vessel sunk in a storm while returning to port.

As events unfolded earlier in the week, the country said the crew - usually about 500 people - was evacuated.

Speaking on Thursday, ITV News Global Editor Rohit Kachroo says the sinking is 'perhaps the most humiliating moment for the Kremlin regime' since the start of the war

In a video posted by Russia's Ministry of Defence, officials claimed the crew of the ship met with Nikolay Yevmenov on Saturday in Sevastopol.

The video shows the naval leader and two other officers standing on a parade ground in front of about 100 sailors. It is not clear when the meeting took place.

The sinking of the ship has reduced Russia’s firepower in the Black Sea amid renewed attacks on Kyiv and intensified shelling of Kharkiv over the weekend.