New species of millipede discovered in America named after Taylor Swift

Dr Derek Hennen described it as a 'high honour' after he named the species of millipede after the singer. Credit: PA

A scientist who has discovered 17 new species of millipede has named one after his wife... and one after superstar Taylor Swift.

Derek Hennen has spent the last five years searching for the new species in the Appalachians, and described it as a 'high honour' to have one named for you.

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Dr Hennen said he picked the singer for the new species - the 'Nannaria swiftae' - as he is a big fan of hers, and wanted to "show his appreciation for her music".

The new species of millipede was only discovered in Tennessee - where Taylor Swift began her music career.

He told Rolling Stone: “Her music helped me get through the highs and lows of graduate school, so naming a new millipede species after her is my way of saying thanks.”

No word yet from Taylor Swift or her people on how happy she is to have this "honour" bestowed on her.