Video appears to show Russian vessel Moskva sinking in Black Sea

Footage appears to show the ship sinking. Credit: Telegram

New video appears to show the stricken Russian missile cruiser, Moskva, before it sank in the Black Sea last week.

The cruiser, which had been leading the naval effort in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, sank on Thursday.

Moscow claimed the vessel sank after a fire sparked ammunition explosions, while Ukrainian forces said the explosion was set off after they struck the vessel, causing significant damage.

In the video, the ship is seen listing on its port side while smoke and flames billow from the vessel. The ship’s life-rafts are missing and there is no crew in sight.

The images appear to have been captured by a person aboard a nearby vessel, prior to the boat sinking on April 14.

Russia said the crew - usually around 500 people - was evacuated.

In a video posted by Russia's Ministry of Defence, officials claimed the crew met with its Navy commander-in-chief, Nikolay Yevmenov, on Saturday in Sevastopol.

The video shows the naval leader and two other officers standing on a parade ground in front of around 100 sailors. It is not clear when the meeting took place.

Video from the Russian Defence Ministry claiming to show crew members of the Moskva

The sinking of the ship reduced Russia’s firepower in the Black Sea ahead of renewed attacks on the west of Ukraine and a new, major offensive to the east.

The Moskva is the same ship Ukrainians defending Snake Island, off the south coast, told to go "f*** yourself" after Russians demanded they surrender.

Officials said the soldiers - who made headlines around the world - had been killed moments after their defiant message.

But the group was actually taken prisoner, said Ukrainian officials, and later released from captivity as part of a prisoner exchange with Russian forces.

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