Police footage shows moment Alec Baldwin is told Halyna Hutchins died in Rust shooting

The moment actor Alec Baldwin is told the Rust set shooting was fatal

Police footage has been released showing the moment Alec Baldwin was told the accidental shooting on the set of Rust had killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Sitting in a room with two deputies, the actor is told: "I do have some very unfortunate news to tell you. She didn't make it."

The 64-year-old drops his phone on the table, and holds his hand to his mouth as he exclaims "no!".

Hutchins was killed on the set of the movie in October 2021 after a prop gun Baldwin was holding was discharged.

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins died in the fatal shooting.

In the video, one of the deputies goes on to tell Baldwin that Joel Souza, a writer-director injured in the same incident, was "still at the hospital".

She continues: "But the other person involved didn't make it."

Baldwin sits in silence for nearly a minute as the officers ask "is there something we could do for you?".

The actor eventually gathers his belongings and says "we should go" adding: "I want to go call my wife."

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The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s office has released a number of files related to its investigation into the shooting.

On Tuesday, newly released footage showed Baldwin practising drawing the gun on set.

The footage with the actor brandishing the gun was reportedly taken the same day as the incident.

Alec Baldwin practicing drawing his gun, before the fatal shooting took place

In another film, which shows the actor speaking with police after the incident, the actor pieces together what happened as the gun went off.

He was unaware at this point the shooting had been fatal.

Mr Baldwin said the gun should have been empty for a rehearsal with no filming.

Another clip shows officers debriefing Baldwin just a few hours after the fatal shooting

“I take the gun out slowly. I turn, I cock the pistol,” Baldwin says. “Bang, it goes off. She (Hutchins) hits the ground. She goes down. He (Souza) goes down screaming.”

He adds: "I've shot enough guns in my days in movies, I've never seen this before."

Baldwin is currently fighting a number of lawsuits stemming from the incident, with cases being brought by script supervisor Mamie Mitchell, head of lighting Serge Svetnoy and Ms Hutchins’ family.