The devices you should turn off at home to save hundreds of pounds

Ivan Radic
Devices left on standby could be costing you £147 per year. Credit: Flickr/ Ivan Radic

UK households could save an average of £147 per year if certain appliances were turned off standby, according to a new report.

With rocketing energy prices and spiralling food costs, the deepening cost-of-living crisis is hitting people across the UK.

The number of people being forced to rely on support services such as food banks has doubled in some parts of the country.

And, with inflation at an all time high, the war in Ukraine, and the current volatility of energy markets around the world, some people are being forced to make every penny count.

British Gas research has revealed households in the UK are shelling out £3.16 billion each year just through devices that are left on standby.

Equalling around £147 per house, the energy giant has listed some of biggest offenders - known as vampire devices - when it comes to devices around the home.

Which devices should you be switching off?

Every device that remains plugged in continues to draw power from the mains adding to your energy bill.

For instance a television left plugged in and on standby could cost you an additional £24.61 per year and a further £23.10 if you have a set-top box.

British Gas has compiled a list of devices and how much they cost to keep on standby per year:

  • Modem/internet router - £18.89

  • Microwave - £16.37

  • Games Console - £12.17

  • Computer - £11.22

  • Shower - £9.80

  • Smart speakers/smart home devices - £8.94

  • Dishwasher - £6.86

  • Tumble dryer - £4.79

  • Washing machine - £4.73

  • Printer - £3.81

  • Mobile device charger - £1.26

British Gas energy expert Marc Robson said: "With household costs on the rise, there are some actions we can take to reduce our energy usage at home which will really help the bank balance and the environment.

"Almost a third of total heating costs in the home are wasted through the roof and the walls and with vampire appliances, this figure is almost half of our electricity bills on wasted energy.

"Just switching some of these off can really help save straight away and those with a smart meter will be able to see the impact of this in real time. Turn it down or turn it off is a great motto for fighting the vampires."

Having your devices plugged into an extension cord could make it easier to turn them all off Credit: PA

The energy expert offered a number of tips to help crackdown on vampire devices:

  • At night, or when not in use, try switching off devices at the mains.

  • Add all electronics to an extension lead and switch that off at night, this saves you the effort of turning them all off individually.

  • Look into smart plugs which will let you check everything is turned off from your phone.

  • Turn lights off when you leave a room. Energy efficient lightbulbs will help with even further savings.

  • A smart thermostat can keep your room temperature as low as possible for as long as possible to avoid using the heating when you might not need it.

  • Timing is everything; don’t fill the kettle if you’re only making one cup of tea and wait until the dishwasher and washing machine are full before putting them on.

  • Try not to over-charge your mobile phone and laptop.

  • A smart meter’s in home display can help to identify how much energy is used at different times of the day so you can see where energy is wasted.”