Amber Heard alleges Johnny Depp sexually assaulted her in violent fight

ITV News US Correspondent Emma Murphy reports on the latest testimony from the multi-million dollar defamation trial.

A warning the video report and this article contain descriptions some readers may find upsetting.

Amber Heard has given an emotional testimony describing a vicious fight with her ex-husband Johnny Depp during which, she says, he sexually assaulted her.

Testifying for a second day in the multi-million dollar defamation trial on Thursday, the actress said numerous bottles were broken during the incident, which occurred in March 2015.

She alleges the fight took place in Australia, where Mr Depp was filming the fifth instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, roughly a month after the couple had married.

Ms Heard told jurors that he had accused her of sleeping with co-stars, including Eddie Redmayne, with whom she had just shot the film The Danish Girl with. She denied these claims.

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The fight escalated to the point where he threw her into a ping-pong table, breaking it, before he allegedly sexually assaulted her, Ms Heard testified.

She said she was naked and felt as if she was being punched. Ms Heard was overcome with emotion as she went on to describe the details of the alleged sexual assault, telling the court Mr Depp penetrated her with a bottle.

The night ended, she said, with the tip of Mr Depp's middle finger cut off, and him writing vulgar messages in blood on the walls of the house.

Mr Depp denies assaulting her in any way and says his finger was severed when the actress threw a vodka bottle at him.

Ms Heard, however, said she'd taken sleeping pills after she was attacked and was not awake when the finger was severed.

James Franco and Amber Heard attend the Tribeca Film Festival world premiere of The Adderall Diaries in 2015. Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Also during her testimony on Thursday, Ms Heard said there were times when the Pirates of the Caribbean star kicked her in the back and injured her nose when he felt jealous.

In one instance, the court heard, Mr Depp, 58, became upset after finding out she kissed James Franco for a scene in the 2015 film The Adderall Diaries.

While on a private plane, Ms Heard alleged that Mr Depp had called her a "sl**" and asked what Mr Franco "had done to my body".

Ms Heard described how her ex-husband smelt like weed and alcohol.

“He hated, hated James Franco,” she said. Ms Heard claimed that she switched seats several times during the flight, with Mr Depp, who allegedly kicked her in the back one point, throwing ice cubes and utensils at her.

“I felt this boot in my back,” the Aquaman actress said.

“I fell to the floor. And no one said anything. No one did anything. You could have heard a pin drop. I just remember feeling so embarrassed.”

Mr Depp is suing Ms Heard over an article in which she said she was a victim of abuse. Credit: AP

Mr Depp, who testified earlier in the trial, described the incident differently.

He denied that he’d drank excessively before getting on the plane, and said Ms Heard initiated an argument and pursued him until he felt compelled to hide in a bathroom.

What else was said at the trial on Thursday?

  • Ms Heard said Mr Depp surrounded himself with an entourage of enablers to shield him from the consequences of his drug and alcohol use.

  • She also said Mr Depp shoved her in their hotel room after the Met Gala in New York, where she says he accused her of flirting with someone at the event.

  • Ms Heard told jurors at the Fairfax County Circuit Court about photos she took of Mr Depp - starting in 2013 - in which he was passed out.

  • She said she took the photos because her ex-husband couldn’t remember what he’d done when he was drunk, and denied what had occurred while he was blacked out.

The court also heard how Mr Depp allegedly said that "the only way out of this is death" as it was claimed that he refused to sign a proposed prenuptial agreement with Ms Heard.

The actress described her joy after the Pirates of the Caribbean star proposed to her in a London hotel room in 2013.

She told of feeling "like the luckiest woman in the world" after the engagement, adding she hoped their relationship would become less "chaotic".

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard arrive at the Venice Film Festival in 2015. Credit: AP

But the actress, who questioned if Mr Depp's proposal was an "impulse thing" as he did not have a ring, began to consider a pre-nuptial agreement, telling the court she thought it would make "things easier" and eliminate "suspicion".

This is a contract that sets out what would happen to a couple's finances and property in the event of a split.

"I know that he earned significantly more than me, (he was) a successful actor. I wanted to eliminate any doubt in his mind and in other people's minds- so I brought it up to him," she said.

But Mr Depp, jurors were told, was strongly against having any sort of prenup.

'The only way out of this is death,' Mr Depp allegedly told his ex-wife after their engagement

"Johnny said he would tear it up. He said if you ever brought one up to me, or if I ever saw one, got my hands on it, I would tear it up. The only way out of this is death," Ms Heard added.

"One time he said to me: kid, are you already thinking about how you are getting out of this- are you already planning to get out of this kid?"

Mr Depp is currently suing his ex-wife for libel after she wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post describing herself as "a public figure representing domestic abuse."

Published in December 2018, the article doesn't mention Mr Depp by name, but his legal team have said he was defamed nonetheless - as it refers to accusations she made at their 2016 divorce proceedings.

During the current defamation trial, Ms Heard has testified that she was physically and sexually assaulted on multiple occasions by Mr Depp, typically when he was drunk or high on drugs.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star has denied ever hitting her, but Ms Heard’s lawyers argue his denials lack credibility in part because he can’t remember what he’s done when he blacks out.

Defending himself against such claims, Depp says his ex-wife exaggerates his drinking, and that he can handle his alcohol.