Who won the UK's 2022 local elections and when will the results be confirmed?

The Greens' Adrian Ramsay, Labour's Keir Starmer, Tory Boris Johnson, LibDem Ed Davey and the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon are all hoping to make gains at the local elections. Credit: PA

The polls are closed and the votes are in - so who won the 2022 local elections?

Thousands of council seats were up for grabs in the UK and in Northern Ireland people have been voting to elect new Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) to Stormont.

Millions of people are thought to have cast their ballot in the latest polls and the result will have a huge impact both at a local and national level, despite turnout being significantly lower than it would be at a general election.

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What have the leaders said?

Boris Johnson arrived at a polling station in Westminster alongside his dog Dilyn on Thursday morning, appearing in good spirits despite predictions that the Conservatives could lose hundreds of council seats.

As polls closed, the PM tweeted to “thank all those who voted in today’s local elections”.

He wrote: “I’d like to thank all those who voted in today’s local elections, and to Conservatives supporters and activists across the country for their hard work to support our plan to keep council taxes low.”

Sir Keir Starmer arrived to vote with his wife Victoria at a polling station in Kentish Town, north London, to cast his vote in the local elections for Camden Council.

After polls closed, Sir Keir tweeted to say: “A huge thank you to every candidate and campaigner who worked tirelessly to deliver our positive message to the country.

“Labour is on your side, and we have the plan to deliver the security, prosperity and respect that the British people deserve.”

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After polls closed, Anneliese Dodds, Chair of the Labour Party, said: "We are proud of the positive campaign we have run, based on a practical plan to tackle the cost of living crisis and the crime blighting our communities. Because we believe Britain deserves better.

"It’s going to be a long night and there will be ups and downs - we hold the majority of the seats up for election in England, so never expected big gains."

She added that the results will "show the progress we have made thanks to Keir’s leadership".

As usual, spinners from the main parties have been seeking to manage expectations ahead of the results being reported, with Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson both wanting to avoid being the loser.

Bury will see a particularly hard-fought contest - Sir Keir Starmer kicked off Labour's local election campaign there and the PM was in town only last week. Daniel Hewitt reports

The LibDems meanwhile seem more confident, with leader Ed Davey predicting the Conservatives will be punished in the local elections for their handling of the cost-of-living crisis. As polls closed, the leader said he was hopeful about making inroads in Tory-held areas of southern England- the so-called “Blue Wall”.

He said: “I am optimistic that thanks to their hard work, the Liberal Democrats will gain ground in areas across the Blue Wall where voters are fed up of being taken for granted by the Conservatives.

“After knocking on hundreds of doors this election one thing is clear: people are sick of Boris Johnson’s Conservatives. They have had enough of seeing their taxes hiked, sewage dumped in their rivers and local health services run into the ground.”

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon made the case to vote for the SNP at her local polling station in Glasgow, while her Welsh counterpart Mark Drakeford wore a red tie for Labour as he cast his ballot in Cardiff.

What was being contested and where?

Elections have been held in a total 200 local authorities in the UK.

Every one of Scotland's 32 councils held elections as did all 22 in Wales.

More than 4,000 councillors in 146 councils contested elections in England, including major cities including Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and all 32 London boroughs.

There's also been a regional mayoral election in South Yorkshire.

In Northern Ireland voters across 18 constituencies are electing 90 MLAs to Stormont to form a new Legislative Assembly.

On top of that, 1,000 parish councils around the UK are electing around 10,000 parish councillors.

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When will each area report their results?

The polls closed at 10pm and counting begins almost immediately thereafter.

The first results are not expected until after midnight and the last results may not even come until Saturday.

All times below are estimates and subject to change.

Until 2am:

Halton 00:05 Bolton 00:30 Broxbourne 00:30 Basildon 01:00 Brentwood 01:00 Exeter 01:00 Hart 01:00 Rushmoor 01:00 Tameside 01:00 Newcastle-upon-Tyne 01:30 South Tyneside 01:30 Tamworth 01:30 Wigan 01:30 Worcester 01:30

Between 2am and 4am

Amber Valley 02:00 Chorley 02:00 Harlow 02:00 Hartlepool 02:00 North Tyneside 02:00 Plymouth 02:00 Redditch 02:00 Rochford 02:00 Sandwell 02:00 Sefton 02:00 Sunderland 02:00 Thurrock 02:00 Wirral 02:00 Oldham 02:15 Cumberland 02:30 Fareham 02:30 Ipswich 02:30 Lincoln 02:30 North East Lincolnshire 02:30 Peterborough 02:30 Preston 02:30 Stevenage 02:30 Eastleigh 03:00 Epping Forest 03:00 Hammersmith & Fulham 03:00 Oxford 03:00 Portsmouth 03:00 Sheffield 03:00 Southend-on-Sea 03:00 Tandridge 03:00 Waltham Forest 03:00 Westminster 03:00 Wolverhampton 03:00 Colchester 03:30 Kingston-upon-Hull 03:30 Redbridge 03:30 Between 4am and 6am

Barking & Dagenham 04:00 Coventry 04:00 Dudley 04:00 Ealing 04:00 Hillingdon 04:00 Nuneaton & Bedworth 04:00 Salford 04:00 Sutton 04:00 Bexley 04:30 Hounslow 04:30 Derby 05:00 Havering 05:00 Kensington & Chelsea 05:00 Merton 05:00 Southampton 05:00 Southwark 05:00 Richmond-upon-Thames 05:30 Wandsworth 05:30

Between 6am and 3pm

Enfield 06:00 Stockport 06:00 Brent 06:30 Barnet 07:00 Barnsley 07:00 Gateshead 12:30 Moray 12:30 Cambridge 13:00 Cannock Chase 13:00 Comhairle nan Eilean Siar 13:00 Huntingdonshire 13:00 Orkney Islands 13:00 Perth & Kinross 13:00 Shetland Islands 13:00 Solihull 13:00 Walsall 13:00 Westmorland & Furness 13:00 Calderdale 13:30 Carmarthenshire 14:00 Castle Point 14:00 Cheltenham 14:00 Conwy 14:00 Crawley 14:00 Dumfries & Galloway 14:00 Dundee 14:00 East Renfrewshire 14:00 Elmbridge 14:00 Inverclyde 14:00 Maidstone 14:00 Rossendale 14:00 Runnymede 14:00 Slough 14:00 West Oxfordshire 14:00 Worthing 14:00 Wrexham 14:00 Argyll & Bute 14:30 Burnley 14:30 Clackmannanshire 14:30 East Lothian 14:30 Fife 14:30 Havant 14:30 Reigate & Banstead 14:30 Scottish Borders 14:30 Three Rivers 14:30 Woking 14:30

After 3pm FridayAberdeen 15:00 Aberdeenshire 15:00 Angus 15:00 Blaenau Gwent 15:00 Bromley 15:00 Caerphilly 15:00 Camden 15:00 Denbighshire 15:00 East Ayrshire 15:00 Flintshire 15:00 Hyndburn 15:00 Knowsley 15:00 Manchester 15:00 Merthyr Tydfil 15:00 Newcastle-under-Lyme 15:00 North Ayrshire 15:00 Reading 15:00 South Ayrshire 15:00 South Cambridgeshire 15:00 Stirling 15:00 Torfaen 15:00 Trafford 15:00 Welwyn Hatfield 15:00 West Dunbartonshire 15:00 West Lothian 15:00 Ceredigion 15:30 East Dunbartonshire 15:30 Edinburgh 15:30 Falkirk 15:30 Isle of Anglesey 15:30 North Lanarkshire 15:30 Rochdale 15:30 West Lancashire 15:30 Highland 15:45 Adur 16:00 Birmingham 16:00 Blackburn with Darwen 16:00 Glasgow 16:00 Haringey 16:00 Hastings 16:00 Midlothian 16:00 Milton Keynes 16:00 Mole Valley 16:00 Norwich 16:00 Rhondda Cynon Taf 16:00 Rugby 16:00 Somerset 16:00 South Lanarkshire 16:00 St Albans 16:00 Leeds 16:30 Pendle 16:30 Tunbridge Wells 16:30 Basingstoke & Deane 17:00 Bridgend 17:00 Cardiff 17:00 Gosport 17:00 Gwynedd 17:00 Harrow 17:00 North Yorkshire 17:00 Powys 17:00 St Helens 17:00 Swansea 17:00 Swindon 17:00 Wakefield 17:00 Watford 17:00 Wokingham 17:00 Pembrokeshire 17:30 Renfrewshire 17:30 Bradford 18:00 Greenwich 18:00 Islington 18:00 Lambeth 18:00 Lewisham 18:00 Monmouthshire 18:00 Neath Port Talbot 18:00 Newport 18:00 Winchester 18:00 Kingston-upon-Thames 18:00 Kirklees 18:30 North Hertfordshire 18:30 Hackney 19:00 Newham 19:00 Cherwell 19:30 Vale of Glamorgan 20:00 Bury 20:30


Croydon 02:00Tower Hamlets 17:00 Mayors - all times are for Friday May 6 Hackney 12:00 Newham 13:00 Lewisham 13:00 Watford 13:00 South Yorkshire 16:00 Tower Hamlets 17:00 Croydon 22:30