Why did Durham police not tell voters they were investigating Starmer’s beergate?

Keir Starmer's joy may be compromised by the announcement from Durham Police. Credit: PA

It will anger many that before polling day Durham Constabulary started an investigation into whether Keir Starmer’s beer drinking on 30 April last year breached Covid rules but has only disclosed it today.

Many would say this was material information for voters and that withholding it was a political action, rather than what it was presumably advised to the contrary.

The interaction of police and politics is an utter mess.

Also Starmer is in a serious predicament. Having called on the Chancellor Rishi Sunak to resign for his unpremeditated presence at Boris Johnson birthday party in the cabinet room, he would surely have to resign if the Durham police give him a fixed penalty notice.

Any joy he felt today at Labour’s electoral progress yesterday will now be somewhat tainted.