Prince Harry stars in comedic sketch to launch new travel initiative

ITV New Correspondent Chloe Keedy reports on Harry's attempt at comedy as he launches a new initiative to encourage sustainable travel campaign

Prince Harry plays a starring role in a sustainable travel campaign sketch in which he jogs through a forest before being accused of dropping a lolly wrapper four years earlier while on a trip to New Zealand.

The Duke of Sussex- who is dressed in a grey T-shirt bearing the words "GIRL DAD", jogging bottoms and a cap and wearing wireless earbuds - is ambushed by a “rating agent” who claims the 36-year-old left the rubbish behind during his official tour with Meghan in 2018.

The video, featuring Kiwi actors Rhys Darby, Dave Fane and Rena Owen, launches a new initiative in New Zealand for Harry’s Travalyst organisation, in which holidaymakers, rather than holidays, are rated for how sustainable they are.

Harry is given three-and-a-half stars (out of 100) as stamps on his arm for only using one towel and buying local honey.

He was also praised for not leaving the tap running while brushing his teeth.

“I never do.. Hang on a second. How do you know that?… That’s really weird,” Harry asks.

Harry during the comedy sketch Credit: Travalyst/PA

The royal is confronted for dropping a lolly wrapper four years ago, but the duke insists the wrapper is not his. In response, comedian Darby quips: “It might have been a confusing time, it was windy.”

Harry responds: “I don’t think it was confusing. It was an incredible time. We had an amazing time in New Zealand. It’s beautiful.”

Fane, who plays another rating agent, arrives claiming he is meant to be assessing the duke, saying: “I’m supposed to be rating Harry. You’ve got Harry Styles and I’ve got the stylish Harry.”

The duke delivers several phrases in Te Reo Maori as he chats with Star Wars actress Owen, who pulls up in a van to check on the disorganised agents during the skit which was filmed in California.

New Zealanders now have access to a rating tool on the Travalyst website as part of the pilot initiative which encourages travellers to consider sustainable options while planning for their next trip.

Harry launched his campaign on Maori Television’s current affairs programme Te Ao with Moana, saying in a video message: “For our first campaign, we’re encouraging people to flip the script.

“We’re always being asked for our feedback on our trips and experiences, but what would happen if our holiday rated us?”

The video launched a new initiative for Harry’s Travalyst organisation Credit: Travalyst/PA

He also spoke of his love for New Zealand, saying: “I’ve been to Aotearoa a number of times throughout my life and I’ve always felt a deep connection and respect toward the Maori people who make me feel so welcome every time.

“Most recently when I visited with my wife, we were touched by the connections we built and the incredible memories we have from our time there.”

Harry added: “The Maori culture inherently understands sustainable practices and taking better care of our life-giving land, which are critical lessons we can all learn and that is why I’m here with you on Te Ao (with) Moana to share a new kaupapa (initiative).”