Holidays: Bagging a Bargain Break?

Sonali Shah reports in Holidays: Bagging A Bargain Break?

The pandemic restrictions have finally eased and plenty of us are warming to the thought of foreign travel and guaranteed summer sunshine. But the world has changed over the past couple of years. 

So what does the savvy traveller need to look out for? And are there still holiday bargains to be snapped up? Reporter, Sonali Shah meets a couple who have lost their motivation to holiday, an intrepid traveller with all the best tips and tricks for a bargain break and a disappointed Brit who was left at the airport as the airline refused her boarding.

Sonali speaks to Lynne and George, a couple who have always loved their holidays but haven’t been away for a while as they feel they have lost their “mojo”. They’re keen to find a cruise so head into their local travel agents to take a look at what is on offer.

They decide to book on the Britannia cruise ship for a  Caribbean holiday that starts in Barbados.

“Actually, because we were very indecisive of what we wanted to do and how to go about it and just being here today. It's a great improvement, and I could actually say we've made our mind up on what we want.” LYNNE

The programme speaks to Ana, who was left alone at the airport and denied boarding her flight to Portugal with her partner and son as her passport was issued more than 10 years ago.

We were one of the last families to board the flight. And that's when the staff checked my passport and… and sort of look looked at each other and said, you know,there's a problem here. And I said, oh, sorry, I'm not I'm not sure I understand what you mean, because it's still got more than three months to the expiry date.” ANA

Since Brexit, the EU only counts the first 10 years of your British passport - from issue date. Many British passports are valid for a bit over 10 years depending on when the previous  passport was due to run out. 

After the recent Easter mayhem at airports with passengers missing flights and  delays getting through security, some may be put off going abroad. Patricia Yates from Visit Britain reckons there are plenty of UK destinations that could be an option for a summer holiday.

There are parts of the country that are less expensive and less busy. You wouldn't necessarily choose to go to the South West in August. But you could go and see wonderful beaches around Alnwick and round Northumbria, around Yorkshire, parts of Norfolk. So the country is not full. There are plenty of holidays to be had.” PATRICIA YATES

Janette, an intrepid traveller and bargain lover, thinks finding a good deal is not rocket science. She tells us her personal guide to booking a bargain break.

Travel Journalist, Simon Calder warns there may be issues with Summer holidays this year but provides some useful advice on knowing your rights and what to do if your flight is cancelled.

“You have to be prepared for delays and disruption. It's really important to know your rights. You got your holiday booked for next week and suddenly a text or email arrives. Really? Sorry. We've cancelled your flight. You'll be invited to book another flight with the same airline. Quite possibly on another day. But you are entitled to be flown on the day you originally booked, even if that means the airline goes out and buys a ticket on a rival airline to get you to your destination.” - Simon Calder

Remember, travel restrictions could still change at the last minute.

So if you're taking the plunge and heading overseas this year, always keep an eye out for the latest guidance.

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