Amber Heard describes traumatic honeymoon and claims Johnny Depp suffered from hallucinations

Johnny Depp sat just yards from Amber Heard while she made claims about his behaviour, though he denies hitting her - as Correspondent Geraint Vincent reports

Amber Heard has said she suffered abuse from Johnny Depp during their honeymoon and claimed towards the end of their marriage her ex-husband began hallucinating while testifying at the civil lawsuit between the two.

Ms Heard was back in court on Monday after the defamation case brought by her ex-husband took a one-week hiatus.

Mr Depp is suing Heard for $50m (£40m) over an article she wrote in The Washington Post where she claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse, without naming her ex-husband.

He claims he lost work, most notably in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, due to the article.

On Monday Heard said she feared she would "not survive" if she remained married to Mr Depp.

She also said Mr Depp attacked her while onboard the Orient Express in 2015 after their wedding.

"He was squeezing my neck against the railway car for what felt like a very long time," she said.

She said she remembered thinking he could "kill me".

Amber Heard found recalling some of the memories difficult Credit: AP

She also she strongly denied an accusation from Mr Depp that she left human faecal matter in the couple’s bed after a fight.

Ms Heard said it was the couple’s teacup Yorkshire terrier that messed the bed and that it had a history of bowel problems ever since it had accidentally ingested Depp’s marijuana.

“Absolutely not,” she said about the alleged poop prank. “I don’t think that’s funny. I don’t know what grown woman does. I was not in a pranking mood.”

She said in the final weeks of their marriage his sobriety completely broke down and he began “talking to people who weren’t in the room. it was terrifying."

"It was unclear to me whether he was even mad at me or he was convinced that the guy he said he saw me with was in the room."

Depp denies ever abusing Heard Credit: AP

During Monday's proceedings Heard also revised earlier testimony about the timing of the first occasion she says she was physically assaulted by Mr Depp.

Ms Heard initially said Mr Depp slapped her when discussing his tattoos in 2013, but she said on Monday that it actually happened in 2012.

She said her confusion resulted from the fact that she wanted to believe in her mind that the abuse hadn’t begun so early in their relationship.

“I had kind of allowed myself to forget that the beginning was violent and chaotic as well,” she said.

Ms Heard has told jurors she was physically and sexually abused on multiple occasions before and during her brief marriage to Depp, which lasted from 2015-16. Mr Depp has already testified and denied he ever hit Ms Heard.

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