Morgan Freeman and deceased John McCain newest of nearly 1,000 Americans banned from visiting Russia

Morgan Freeman has been banned from Russia. Credit: AP

Morgan Freeman and Mark Zuckerberg are among nearly 1,000 US citizens sanctioned by Russia in a list that has caused confusion among observers.

Joining the legendary Hollywood actor are John McCain, who died in 2018, and former lawmakers Harry Reid and Orrin Hatch, also dead.

Missing from the list of 963 Americans is Donald Trump, who has in the past been criticised for his views on Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Freeman may have been targeted due to a 2017 video released by an organisation called the Committee to Investigate Russia, which he narrated.

In it, he describes the plot of a film in which a former KGB agent rises through the ranks in post-Soviet Russia to become president, setting out to sew distrust in western democracies.

“This is no movie script,” he says, in what is a stand against Putin and Russian aggression.

Already on the list were US President Joe Biden and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, with the president’s son Hunter and Vice President Kamala Harris just added.

Former White House communications chief Jen Psaki tweeted: “I guess we will have to cancel our August family trip to Moscow.”

All on the list are permanently banned from entering Russia for inciting “Russophobia".

"We emphasise that the hostile actions taken by Washington, which boomerang against the United States itself, will continue to receive a proper rebuff,” the Russian foreign ministry said.

“Russia does not seek confrontation and is open to honest, mutually respectful dialogue, separating the American people, who are always respected by us, from the US authorities, who incite Russophobia, and those who serve them.

“It is these people who are included in the Russian ‘black list’.”