Queen's former pride and joy Royal Yacht Britannia kept shipshape by former yachtsmen

The Royal Britannia once served as the Queen's home while at sea, now former crew members have come out of retirement to maintain Her Majesty's pride and joy - ITV News' Peter Smith reports.

The Royal Yacht Britannia was once the former pleasure vessel of the Queen from 1954 until 1997.

Now, it rests in Edinburgh, acting as a tourist attraction with its maritime days long behind it.

Dubbed the Britannia by Her Majesty the year after her coronation, it served as palace on the water.

Former crew members, such as William French said: "This was our second home, we lived and breathed aboard this ship.

"Its such a special place. You could see the shoulders drop, the relaxation as soon as she walked through the doors here. She was at home."

Once a place for duty and fun, it is now a tourist attraction that showcases a unique insight into Royal life.

And the yachties who once worked on board the ship come out of retirement once a year to make sure Britannia is still shipshape.

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