Footballer saves photographer from falling off open top bus tour

Nuri Margui was saved by Girona defender Arnau Martinez after she was nearly swept off the bus by a tree branch. Credit: Twitter/pauvd8

A quick thinking footballer managed to save a photographer from falling off the top of their open top bus after she was swept off by a branch.

Photographer Nuri Margui had been knocked off the Girona promotion parade bus and was left dangling from a safety rail by her legs. Defender Arnau Martinez managed to leap into action and stop the photographer from completely falling off.

As she clung onto the side of the bus, the 19-year-old managed to haul her back over the side and into the bus.

In a week of heroics for the young star, he also scored the 80th minute winner to promote his team Girona to the top tier of Spanish football.

Conscious she was in grave danger police had gathered below, but were unneeded thanks to the timely intervention.