Ghislaine Maxwell 'opened the door to hell,' Virginia Giuffre to say at socialite's sentencing

Ghislaine Maxwell with Jeffrey Epstein. Credit: PA

They were young girls the last time they spent much time with her. She was a young woman with a fancy lifestyle and a suave boyfriend.

How things change.

Those young girls are now women themselves. Ghislaine Maxwell is 60, the fancy lifestyle replaced by prison life.

The suave boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein, is dead, a convicted sex offender who for years abused, raped and tormented the girls she selected and lured for him.

Today, those whose lives were so changed by their criminal enterprise will spend time with Ghislaine Maxwell once more, except this time she does not have the power she had.

They will have the freedom to tell a court, tell the world and tell Maxwell herself, of the devastation her criminal enterprise wrought on their lives.

Their words will be devastating as they speak of dark memories which feel safest locked away but are impossible to contain.

They will tell of a loss of trust in others and themselves. Of the “unthinkable things” that corrode to this day.

One of those making a statement will be Virginia Giuffre, the woman who accused Prince Andrew of sexually abusing her, having been procured by Maxwell.

“For me, and for so many others, you opened the door to hell,” she will tell Maxwell.

“Ghislaine, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, you used your femininity to betray us and you led us all through it."