'Soul-destroying': Mother had to sell daughter's bike amid spiraling cost of living crisis

Correspondent Yasmin Bodalbhai heard what toll the cost of living crisis has had on Lowri, Kate and Helen

A "tired" and "scared" mother has said she had to sell her daughter's bike to pay for food and bills amid the spiraling cost of living crisis.

As record levels of UK inflation wreak havoc on household finances, Lowri told ITV News the countless sacrifices she has to make are "soul-destroying".

She is among three women who filmed video diaries for ITV News, in which they revealed their families' everyday struggles and fears.


Lowri documented herself going through her daughter's items, which she's having to sell in order provide for her family. These include a bike, a diving set and a fancy dress outfit.

"I just feel sick inside. I just feel sick inside that there is no way out of this mess," she said.

"I'm constantly scared at the moment."

A depleted Lowri feels there's 'no way out' of the cost of living crisis

One of the things Lowri's dreading is next month's MOT. Her car's gearbox isn't working as it should and she fears a hefty bill will further squeeze her struggling family.

"It's just soul-destroying as a mother, not being able to do the basics with your child," she said.


Helen watches every penny so that her son, who has autism, doesn't go without.

His condition means he needs to maintain a set routine, therefore Helen is desperate for him to continue attending his extra-curricular clubs.

"It costs us quite a bit of money for him to go, but what he gets out of it is more than worth it," she said.

Her son said he likes the clubs, whilst at the clubs, he does "editing, video games and challenges."

Helen and her son, who has autism, explain the benefits of budgeting for extra-curricular clubs

As well as having to meet her son's needs, life's unpredictable nature makes treating herself hard, Helen explained.

"It's money you wanted to spend on shopping or something else, but all of a sudden you can't do that because you've had to spend it on a prescription," she said.


Kate works three jobs and her partner is a full-time student who works too.

She has three children to take care of, which means only buying essentials and occasionally taking trips to the food bank.

"I don't think we're doing anything wrong. We looked at our bills last night and there was nothing we could change," Kate said.

Like her, many other families are scrimping and saving to feed their children, she said.

Kate explains that her family are doing all the can to weather the cost of living crisis

"I think that point is being missed. Everyone is doing all they possibly can," Kate added.

Figures shared with ITV News by the Resolution Foundation show there has been a sharp slowdown in income growth since the financial crisis in 2008.

And that means millions of households are even more vulnerable to this year's increasing rise in prices.

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