Hugh Grant behind Benny Hill theme tune being played in Westminster during PM's resignation saga

The theme song could be heard in the background of news broadcasts. Credit: PA

The Benny Hill theme tune has been playing from speakers at Westminster following the saga of the prime minister's reluctant resignation as the leader of the Conservatives.

It's now emerged that Brexit protester Steve Bray played the iconic slapstick music outside number 10 Downing Street, after a request on Twitter from the actor Hugh Grant.

The blaring theme could be overheard in live news broadcasts as journalists delivered the latest developments in the political drama.

Mr Bray celebrated the return of his speakers on Thursday morning, a week after having them confiscated under a new law that aims to cut down on loud protests.

Notting Hill actor Grant tweeted: “Glad you have your speakers back. Do you by any chance have the Benny Hill music to hand?”

Mr Bray responded by tweeting a video of the song being played outside the Houses of Parliament.

He wrote: “Just for @HackedOffHugh as requested here today at the media circus… College Green. The Benny Hill theme tune.”

The Benny Hill theme was not the only satirical song to be played through Mr Bray’s speakers.

ITV's Good Morning Britain faced a minor interruption during a live broadcast on Wednesday as the protester began belting out Bye Bye Boris, a parody tune written by Somerled MacKay.

Bray, from Port Talbot in South Wales, made frequent protests against Brexit on College Green throughout 2018 and 2019.

He has previously been heard shouting during TV news broadcasts.

He is also known for walking into the background of live TV reports, often wearing his eye-catching top hat and carrying placards with anti-Brexit or anti-government messages.

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