How long is the UK heatwave going to last?

Temperatures could hit higher than 35C int he coming days. Credit: PA

After temperatures climbed to 32C on Monday we were left with a remarkably warm night.

Retaining much of the heat from earlier in the day, the temperature didn’t drop much below 20C in some areas of Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire last night. Scotland had one of their warmest July nights on record. 

Fresher air will be filtering in from the north on Tuesday and into the night, making it a lot more comfortable for many areas tonight.

However, for some of the south-east it will be another baking hot day and here it’ll be another warm, restless night. 

It’ll feel fresher and cooler for many into Wednesday and Thursday - a respite after the hot start to the week. Expect it to be business as usual with pleasant days and more manageable, cool summer nights. 

The south-east will remain very warm and hot in strong sunshine, together with the very mild, stuffy nights.

(PA Graphics) Credit: PA Graphics

As a heatwave returns by the latter stages of the weekend, a surge of extreme severe heat into Sunday and Monday will bring soaring temperatures to much of England and Wales.

It’ll be hotter this time around with a high chance of temperatures peaking in excess of 35C - with increasingly humid, thundery air it’ll feel unpleasant.

Night times will be challenging as such high temperatures will make it feel tropical and muggy.