How hot will the heatwave be at night and how do I stay cool enough to sleep?

Since Monday, parts of the UK have been under an amber heat warning and a rare red warning will be in place throughout much of England early next week. The Met Office has said that in red zone areas, there is a 50% chance temperatures will hit 40°C during the day.

Temperatures are also set to remain high overnight, particularly in urban areas. There is a high likelihood of tropical nights – when minimum temperatures don’t drop below 20°C – for some early next week.

What is the expected temperature at 10pm in the coming days?

  • Scotland

Friday: 11-13°C in the north, 14-15°C in the south

Saturday: 14-15°C in the north, 16-18°C in the south

Sunday: 13-18C in the north, 18°C-19°C in the south

Monday: 14-19°C in the north, 19-21°C in the south

Tuesday: 14-18°C in the north, 19-21°C in the south

Northern Ireland

Friday: 14-15°C

Saturday: 18-20°C

Sunday: 17-19°C

Monday: 19°C

Tuesday: 15-18°C

The red 'extreme' heat warning covers most of England on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Wales

Friday: 14-15°C in the north, 16-18°C in the south

Saturday: 17-18°C in the north, 19-22°C in the south

Sunday: 19-21°C in the north, 20-22°C in the south

Monday: 21-24°C in the north, 23-25°C in the south

Tuesday: 18-21°C in the north, 18-20°C in the south

  • England

Friday: 16-20°C north, 20-23°C central, 18-20°C London and the south

Saturday: 14-17°C north, 16-19°C central, 18-22°C London and the south

Sunday: 20-23°C north, 23-24°C central, 19-24°C London and the south

Monday: 26-30°C north, 33-34°C central, 26-34°C London and the south

Tuesday: 20-25°C north, 24-26°C central, 19-26°C London and the south

How can I keep cool at night?

  • Cool your body down by having a cold shower before bed

  • Stay hydrated throughout the day - dehydration can cause sleepless nights

  • Maintain air flow in your bedroom during the day by using a fan or keeping your windows and doors open

  • Reduce your bedding – but remember that, however hot it is in your bedroom, your body temperature will fall during the night so keep covers handy

  • Put your pillowcases and sheets in a sealed bag in the freezer and dress your bed ten minutes before you want to sleep

  • If you really can’t doze off, get up and do something calming such as reading or writing. Only return to bed when you feel sleepy.

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