Biden taking medication for Covid symptoms but condition 'improving'

President Joe Biden working from the White House. Credit: AP

Joe Biden's Covid symptoms "have improved", but the president has needed to take additional medication to address his temperature and cough, according to his doctor.

In a letter to press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden's doctor said the president had a temperature of 37.4C which he was treating with Tylenol, after he was diagnosed with coronavirus on Thursday.

He also has a runny nose, bouts of fatigue and an occasional cough - however his doctor has said Mr Biden's pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation are all within normal levels.

Dr O'Connor added that he was being treated with an albuterol inhaler "that he uses as needed," as well as "oral hydration."

The president continues to take Pfizer's antiviral drug.

Biden will continue to isolate and be monitored "closely" by the White House medical unit.

The update comes after the US President told Americans to "keep the faith" and that he is feeling "okay" after his positive Covid test.

The 79-year-old who has received a full round of vaccinations and two booster jabs, is reportedly experiencing mild symptoms, but will continue his duties as he isolates at the White House.

In a statement from his press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, the US president will continue to hold meetings albeit via phone or Zoom and is currently taking anti-viral medication.

He tweeted that he had just "signed the FORMULA Act into law – a bipartisan bill that will help increase access to baby formula for families across the country."

Jean-Pierre said first lady Jill Biden was in close contact with the president, but she declined to discuss others who also might have been exposed, citing privacy reasons.

Biden had travelled to Massachusetts a day earlier to promote efforts to combat climate change and flew on Air Force One with several Democratic leaders, including Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

A White House official confirmed that Vice President Kamala Harris was also in close contact with Biden.