Volcano begins erupting near Iceland airport

People look at the lava flowing on Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland. Credit: AP

A volcano in south-west Iceland began erupting on Wednesday - just eight months after its last eruption officially ended.

The Icelandic Meteorological Office has urged people not to go near the Fagradalsfjall volcano, which is located just 20 miles southwest of the capital, Reykjavik.

However, that didn't stop people gathered to watch the dramatic natural spectacle unfold.

People watching the natural spectacle unfold. Credit: AP

"It's just crazy," Icelandic photographer and influencer, Gunnar Freyr said after coming to watch the eruption.

"I thought the eruption was going to happen, maybe like in a few weeks and now it's here and it is so beautiful."

The eruption in an uninhabited valley is not far from Keflavik Airport, Iceland’s international air traffic hub.

A code red was declared stopping planes flying over the site, however it is understood that the airport remained open and no flights were disrupted.

Aerial footage of Fagradalsfjall erupting

In March last year the lava fountains erupted in the area from a fissure around 750 meters long. The eruption carried on all the way through to September and attracted thousands of tourists and locals to the scene.

The current eruption isn't expected to expel as much ash or smoke as the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull back in 2010.

Around 100,000 flights had to be cancelled causing the largest amount of air disruption since the Second World War.

It also forced hundreds of Icelanders from their homes when the ice-covered volcano erupted.