Commonwealth Games volunteers on why their viral rake dance has a wider meaning

Credit: BBC Sport/ITV News

Commonwealth Games volunteers who went viral for dancing during a beach volleyball match have said their moves have meaning beyond the Birmingham-held event.

The volunteers broke out into dance while raking sand during a break. Not only did they entertain the crowd, the rakers also became an online hit.

A TikTok video posted by the official Commonwealth Sport account was watched by more than 560,000 people.

Daniel Rae, one of the rakers, told ITV News: "With it being such a camp and flamboyant number, a few years ago it wouldn't have been accepted."

Fellow raker Rajan Das added: "So many people feel represented by small things like this and it feels great to be part of that. " The rakers be looking for their next gig given the Commonwealth Games ends on August 8.

But wherever their new found fame takes them, they'll continue "dancing and having fun", as one volunteer said.

The volunteers highlight that their routine would not always have received positive feedback

And they weren't alone in catching dance fever - an English netball player gained millions of views on social media after she was filmed mid-routine.

Helen Housby from Carlisle was captured singing and dancing along to Lizzo's latest hit 'About Damn Time.'

The rakers explain what their priority is following the Games