When will thunderstorms reach my area? What time will they hit?

Thunder and heavy rain is expected in the UK. Credit: PA

Thunder, lightning and flooding is expected around the UK as a yellow weather warning is in place across swathes of the country.

Power cuts, delays and cancellations in trains and buses are predicted, while spray and sudden flooding could lead to difficult driving conditions for motorists. While some parts will remain mostly dry, the warning predicts a high chance of heavy rain and thunderstorms across many regions.

Yellow thunderstorm warnings are in place for most of the UK on Tuesday and for southern England on Wednesday.

The warning is in place until 11.59pm for all of England and Wales on Tuesday after a change in air pressure led to dramatic showers.

The south-west and south-east of England face a third day of yellow warnings on Wednesday until 11.59pm, as the rain eases off elsewhere.

Here's when you can expect to see heavy rain and thunder in your area, according to Met Office hourly forecasts.


Tuesday will be a wet day in Newcastle with rainfall until around 3pm and rainclouds for the rest of the day.

Much of the north-east follows the same pattern, with showers and clouds for the rest of Tuesday.


It is expected to be mostly cloudy but dry in the north-west on Tuesday, with some scattered showers and few sunny spells in parts.

Yorkshire and Humber

On-and-off rainfall and clouds are expect for the rest of Tuesday across much of Yorkshire and the Humber, with occasional sunny spells anticipated in Leeds and Bradford.

Rain is forecast in Hull. Credit: PA

West Midlands

Thunderstorms are set to hit on Tuesday at around 8pm in Birmingham, with heavy rain later in the evening.

In Coventry, the worst of the weather is expected in the evening, with heavy rain forecast from 8pm and hail expected between 9 and 11pm.

East Midlands

The East Midlands should see a mix of scattered showers and sunshine on Tuesday, but thunderstorms are forecast in Grantham at 5pm.

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East of England

Thunderstorms are expect at midday in Braintree on Tuesday, and in Southend-on-Sea between 3 and 6pm.

Thunderstorms are forecast for much of the day in Essex on Wednesday.


It will be a mix of showers and heavy rain in Bristol on Tuesday, with similar weather expected throughout the south west.

Parched land in Gloucestershire. Credit: PA


Scattered showers are expected over London on Tuesday, but the capital is set to see some heavy rain on Wednesday, with thunderstorms forecast for 7am and again from 10pm.

In Kent, Tuesday should be mainly dry, but a thunderstorm is expected around 3pm in Margate and at 4pm in Canterbury.


Cardiff should see a dry afternoon on Tuesday, with showers in the evening from around 8pm onwards.

After some heavy rain in the morning on Wednesday, the rest of the day is expected to be dry.


It will be a dry day in Edinburgh on Tuesday, with sun due to make an appearance on Wednesday.

Glasgow will see some showers in the evening between 5 and 8pm, but sun is expected on Wednesday.

Northern Ireland

It is set to be dry but cloudy in Northern Ireland on Tuesday and Wednesday.