Parents pay tribute to 'calm soul' Jack Fenton who died in Greece helicopter tragedy

All they know, is they want justice for their son - Sejal Karia reports

The parents of a young man who died after being struck by a helicopter blade in Greece have told ITV News he was "gorgeous-hearted" and had a "calm soul".

22-year-old Jack Fenton, from Kent, died when he was hit by the spinning blade after landing near Athens.

He had been returning from a luxury holiday in Mykonos with six friends, when disaster struck.

Jack and his father, Miguel

In an initial explanation, Greek authorities claimed that Jack ignored safety instructions after the helicopter landed. They said he ran back towards the helicopter to take a selfie.

Jack's parents, Miguel and Tori Fenton, dispute this. They've alleged that safety protocols weren't followed by the helicopter company.

Miguel told ITV News: "The gap that he’s left in our lives is just unreal. We won’t ever get over it and it's a scary, scary path that we’re going to have to take forever."

Miguel said Jack was his "best friend" and the pair would "constantly" message one another when apart.

He said: "The thought that ‘that’s it, we’re never going to have that communication again’..."

"...it doesn't get worse than that," Tori said, finishing Miguel's sentence.

Jack's parents tell ITV News how they responded when officers informed them of the tragedy

They also described their reaction to being informed of Jack's death by British police officers.

"We were completely gobsmacked and horrified ...His supper was in the fridge and the back door was unlocked for him," Tori said.

Miguel said he was sick several times after learning his son was gone.

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Family friend Robin Stanton-Gleaves accompanied the boys on the trip to Greece, and his son, who was a friend of Jack’s, saw what happened after the helicopter landed in Athens.

"Accidents happen in life, I get that...but there are accidents that are preventable," Robin said.

"This is one of those. This is a preventable accident. Because if they disembarked the helicopter and they turned the helicopter off… Jack would still be alive."

Tori and Miguel are desperate for answers, but the Greek authorities say they will not comment while the investigation are underway.

A source involved in the investigation claimed that the other passengers in the helicopter with Jack have not replied to messages from the chairman of the Greek Air Accident Investigation and Aviation Safety Board appealing for information.

Jack's grieving parents are now waiting for the official report to be published before deciding what steps to take next.