Las Vegas police release footage of suspect leading them on violent car chase and shootout

A man led police on a massive car chase resulting in a number of shootouts after he reportedly robbed a woman at gunpoint in Las Vegas.

The suspect, named by police as Justin Venegas, allegedly started his crime spree by robbing a vehicle off of a 73-year-old woman at gunpoint.

An air unit tracked his position throughout the chase while officers tried to bring his vehicle to a stop.

The 40-year-old ditched the first car he had stolen and went on to steal another car at gunpoint.

Venegas robbing the second car. Credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Evading police at speeds of around 100mph, he repeatedly drove on the wrong side of the road.

Police attempted to stop the suspect when he fired his weapon into a pursuing car. Footage released by the Las Vegas police department shows officers returning fire through their windscreen.

At one point, an unmarked LVMPD vehicle equipped with police lights and siren was behind Venegas when he suddenly came to an abrupt stop, causing a collision.

Officer shooting through their own window at Venegas. Credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The police vehicle was disabled and the officer was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

He then forced a driver to stop and attempted to steal her vehicle at gunpoint, the victim backed away from Venegas who then appeared to begin shooting at her.

The victim sustained minor injuries and was treated on the scene by medical personnel.

Venegas attempting to rob another car before shooting at the victim. Credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Returning to the second car, he drove into a busy store car park.

Venegas then attempted to steal another vehicle at gunpoint, but was unsuccessful.

Police then surrounded the suspect, who drove straight at them, leading officers to fire their weapons at the stolen car.

The car can be heard being struck multiple times, but Venegas was not injured.

Moments before Venegas crashed headfirst into a police car. Credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Venegas then crossed several lanes of traffic and struck a K9 vehicle head-on at 67 mph.

His vehicle was disabled and arriving officers took him into custody without further incident.

The suspect received a number of charges including attempted murder, battery, attempted robbery, discharging a weapon and felony evading.

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