Facebook glitch causes users' feeds to fill with celebrity fan messages

Some users have taken advantage of the glitch and are posting memes they know will be shared widely. Credit: Facebook

Facebook users have complained of a glitch causing their news feeds to fill with posts from fans to celebrity pages.

Rather than ordinary content from friends or pages they follow, many people have been shown messages posted by fans on star's official pages.

Although Facebook was not experiencing an outage in the traditional sense, users poured onto outage monitor Down Detector to report issues from around 6.40am on Wednesday.

At approximately 12pm, Meta, Facebook's parent company, released a statement saying the issue had been fixed.

“We resolved the issue as quickly as possible for everyone who was impacted, and we apologise for any inconvenience,” a spokesperson said.

Earlier, "my Facebook" was the number one trending term on Twitter, with the hashtag #facebookdown going viral also. Several users tweeted screenshots of their broken feeds.

Others gleefully took advantage of the glitch by posting a flurry of memes and messages to celebrities.

British documentarian and TV star Louis Theroux's official page was among celebrity feeds being littered with posts on Wednesday morning, as fans sent him messages and memes they knew would be widely seen.

"What the hell is happening on Facebook," one Facebook user asked on Twitter as celebrity messages took over their news feeds.

"Anyone else getting these random people sending messages to celebrities on Facebook," another user asked.

"No Rajesh, I don’t want to see your message to Ronaldo," they wrote.

The bizarre glitch appears to have impacted people across the globe - users from locations like the UK, Australia, India and Pakistan were among those reporting issues on Twitter.