Annie Lennox's daughter Lola hopes her new music will touch and inspire

Annie Lennox's daughter Lola told ITV News' Rishi Davda that seeing her mother's success has made her 'strive to be the best' she can be and make music that 'really means something and touches people in a deeper way'

When you see the two of them in pictures, there’s no doubting that Lola is Annie’s daughter. 

Now she’s living up to the Lennox name, writing and releasing her own music.

At 31 years old, Lola Lennox admits she’s "intentionally taken a little more time than most people would."

However, "now feels like the right time for me, I feel comfortable in my own skin".

Annie Lennox is a four-time Grammy award winner, known as a rock goddess and fierce political campaigner.

For many, growing up with famous parents isn’t easy but for Lola it’s proved to be extra motivation.

She reflects that "having my mum as who she is has made me strive to be the best that I can be. I want to make music that touches people in a deeper way."

"On the flip side, there were insecurities when I was younger… she’s so incredible and there is a bit of a comparison thing, but I turned that into drive and it made me work a bit harder."

Millions heard Lola’s voice when she sang on the virtual One World: Together At Home concert during the pandemic.

She performed a duet with her mother, on a lineup that featured Lady Gaga, Chris Martin and Jennifer Hudson.

Lola says that she never expected her music to "take off when everyone was stuck at home."

Lola is hoping her music "can inspire young women to feel like they have the power to pursue their dreams."

Her latest track to be released is called Want More and comments on the fact that "we are in a perpetual state of always seeking fulfilment in things that won’t actually fulfil us."

"We’ve got social media telling us to live these highlight reel lives. I just wanted to tell people that you as a human are enough."

Lola’s debut EP, produced by mum Annie, will be out in October.

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