What happens to flowers and tributes to the Queen left at Windsor Castle?

When the Queen finally arrives home she will travel past an array of colourful tributes.

Thousands of flowers mourners have laid outside Windsor Castle will be moved inside the grounds in preparation for the Queen's funeral.

At the end of each day the majority of the tributes left at the Cambridge Gate on the Long Walk are to be moved to make space as mourners continue to arrive in their thousands.

It is the first sign the Palace is beginning to prepare for her funeral here in Windsor, which was her main residence for the past two years during the Covid pandemic.

Every card, drawing and gift will be boxed up and given to the Royal Family to read Credit: PA

The State Funeral is expected to take place at Westminster Abbey, but her coffin will later be lowered into the Royal Vault in King George VI memorial chapel in St George’s Chapel within the Windsor Castle grounds.

Beforehand a team of more than 100 people are working around the clock to move the flowers and are checking each one for security reasons.

Initially they will be laid outside St George’s Chapel and then they are being laid along Cambridge Drive which links the castle to the Long Walk.

Windsor and Eton Rotary Club are handing out flowers for free to children today to lay outside the Castle.

Jon Davey is giving out 195 roses, the combined age of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, who passed away last year.

He told ITV News. “It felt like the right thing to do in the cost of living crisis, to help children who can’t afford to buy them and help make memories for children.”

One of those youngsters was seven-year-old Aimee who travelled down from Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire.

She told ITV News, “I wanted to come because the Queen is very special to me and I wanted to lay some flowers. She was a lovely lady."

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