In pictures: Queen's coffin travels from Balmoral to Edinburgh ahead of flight to London

Watch the hearse carrying the Queen's coffin on her final journey through Scotland.

The Queen's coffin has arrived in Edinburgh, following long journey from Balmoral via Aberdeen and Dundee, before it is flown to London.

The hearse passed hundreds of flowers as it left Balmoral Credit: PA

Thousands of people lined the route as the Queen travelled through Scotland for the final time.

The Queen's coffin first travelled through the village of Ballater, where some locals threw flowers Credit: PA

She will lie in St Giles's cathedral in Edinburgh for around 24 hours before being flown down to London by the RAF.

Princess Anne travelled behind the hearse as the Queen's coffin travelled to Edinburgh Credit: PA

Princess Anne was in a car following the cortege. She and other Royals viewed tributes left outside Balmoral yesterday.

Hundreds of people stood in silence along the streets of Ballater Credit: PA

The hearse carrying the Queen's coffin passed through Ballater, the nearest town to the Balmoral Estate.

The hearse approaching Dundee Credit: PA

There, residents who described the Queen as their 'neighbour' stepped out to bid her farewell for the final time. Some people in the town were visibly emotional as the coffin passed through.

The Queen's coffin is driven through Scotland. Credit: PA

The hearse then passed through Aberdeen and Dundee.

It took around six hours for the cortege to travel from Balmoral to Edinburgh.

A hearse carrying the Queen's coffin is driven over Queensferry Bridge. Credit: PA

The coffin travelled over Queensferry bridge as it entered the city.

Its arrival on Edinburgh's Royal Mile was greeted by a crowd of thousands, who applauded as the hearse was slowly driven down the grand street.

Pallbearers carry the Queen's coffin, draped with the Royal Standard of Scotland, as it arrives at Holyroodhouse. Credit: PA

The hearse came to a stop at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, where the Queen's children were waiting to receive her.

Her grieving daughter, Princess Anne curtseyed, as her mother's coffin was carried past her into the palace.

Watch the Queen's coffin being carried into the Palace of Holyroodhouse

Her Majesty's coffin will remain there lying in rest for a day before being flown to London, where she will lie in state.

The Queen's funeral will take place on Monday 19 September, which has been declared a public holiday.