Grange Hill 'Mrs McClusky ' actress Gwyneth Powell dies aged 76

Gwyneth Powell Credit: @Hill_Grange / Twitter

Actress Gwyneth Powell, who was perhaps best known for playing Headmistress Bridget McClusky in Grange Hill, has died at the age of 76.

Powell played Mrs McClusky on the BBC series for ten years, between 1981 and 1991, making the character a beloved fixture in living rooms across the UK.

The drama, which was based around a fictional comprehensive school, was one of the BBC's longest running series, with a thirty-year run.

Powell was also known for appearing in the Channel 4 show Man Down, as well as for parts in Holby City and Father Brown.

In a statement on Monday, her agent said she died ‘after complications following a major operation for a perforated colon’.

"She passed away peacefully, with her husband and niece at her bedside" the statement continued.

"Gwyneth will be greatly missed by her adoring family and friends along with her many fans from multiple TV appearances."

Patricia Hidalgo, director of BBC Children’s and Education, said “We are very sorry to hear of the passing of Gwyneth Powell.

“Her famous portrayal of Mrs McClusky is one that will be fondly remembered by all those that grew up watching Grange Hill."