Nearly a third of people say they have seen or met the queen in person, YouGov data shows

The Queen greets the Scottish public after opening the Slessor Gardens event space in Dundee Credit: PA

Almost a third of people in the UK claim to have seen or met the queen in real life according to a poll conducted by YouGov.

Statistics gathered in 2018 showed 31% of those questioned had either seen or met the Queen in one of her royal walkabouts, balcony appearances or special visits.

16% people said they had seen King Charles III in person, a number likely to rise over the years after his proclamation.

Just ahead of the new King in terms of sightings was Princess Anne at 17% and the Queen's husband Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh at 22%.

The Queen's funeral will take place at London's Westminster Abbey at 11am. The same venue where 75 years earlier she got married to the Duke of Edinburgh.

After that she appeared in her wedding dress on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, where a large percentage of those polled will have seen her.

The Queen greeting crowds as Princess Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace after her wedding in 1947 Credit: PA

Rick Clement from Blackpool was a sergeant who lost both legs serving in Afghanistan in 2010. He met the Queen at the national arboretum in 2016.

He said: "She spent so much time chatting with each individual, she was asking when I was injured and what I get up to since and things like that."

Almost half (49%) of people over 65 claim they have seen or met the Queen, while understandably due to their age figures fall to one in eight for under 25s.

The 2018 survey also shows more men than women claim to have seen the Queen, while people in Scotland have seen her the most at 38% compared to 30% of Londoners.

The Queen visiting Haig Housing Trust, London to open new housing for armed forces veterans in 2019 Credit: PA

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