Grief and residual anger: How Kenyans have reacted to the news of the Queen's death

ITV News Security Editor Rohit Kachoo investigates the mixed feelings among Kenyans over the death of Queen Elizabeth

In 1952, then Princess Elizabeth was staying at the Treetops hunting lodge in Kenya while on a Royal tour of the Commonwealth.

It was there that her father died, and it's said she climbed up the tree as a princess and came down a Queen.

After the announcement of her death on Thursday, the reactions of Kenyans have been of grief and residual anger.

Some had fond memories of Britain's longest serving monarch, who visited 20 countries across the continent throughout her 70-year reign.

Tour guide Amos Ndegwa enthusiastically recalls The Queen's second visit to the Treetops hunting lodge and has extended an invitation to King Charles III.

He said: "We would like for him to come back here as a King, and keep our business alive. This is where she started."

Others however have retained anger at British colonial times and recalled memories like the brutal 1950s crushing of Kenya's Mau Mau rebellion, a revolt against colonial rule in Kenya.

As a young man, Mathenge Wa Ireri cleaned the streets along the Queen's route to the Treetops game lodge.

However, the last few days have provoked mixed emotions from the 90-year-old who survived as a veteran of the Mau Mau rebellion.

He said: "Well, there is two ways. Because she was in command of the British people. You cannot be happy when someone is beating you for nothing.

"Because you wanted freedom, and when you asked for something to eat you are beaten up. So it was very bad, very very bad."