Lying in State: Detailed weather forecast for Westminster Hall

With tens of thousands of people expected to join the queue to pay their respects to the Queen as she lies in state at Westminster Hall, ITV meteorologist Chris Page looks at what the weather holds for them.

Thursday eveningThe dry and partly cloudy theme will continue into this evening with a northwesterly breeze. Where clear spells do develop for longer periods of time, temperatures are likely to fall into high single figures making it feel a little chilly.

Minimum Temperature 8°C

FridayRemaining largely dry through Friday with sunny spellsThe northwesterly breeze will strengthen through the day making it feel cooler than of late.

Maximum Temperature 18°C

Friday eveningIt is expected to stay dry through Friday night with a keen northwesterly breeze. A few clear spells are likely once again allowing temperatures to fall. The breeze will make it feel rather chilly.

Minimum Temperature 7°C

SaturdayIt shall remain dry through Saturday with a slim chance of a shower. The keen northwesterly breeze will ease through the day and sunny spells will develop. Feeling pleasant in the sunshine although still rather cool in the shade.

Maximum Temperature 17°C

Saturday eveningSaturday evening will stay dry with variable amounts of cloud. Where clear spells develop it is likely to feel rather chilly as temperatures fall to the mid single figures.

Minimum Temperature 6-7°C

SundayAnother dry day on Sunday with more cloud likely to push in from the north. Winds will remain light once again.

Maximum Temperature 17°C

Saturday eveningSimilar to Saturday evening with variable amounts of cloud and some clear spells. Where the skies turn clear for long periods of time temperatures will quickly fall. Winds remain light from the northwest.

Minimum Temperature 7°C

MondayIt will be a cool start to Monday with some bright of sunny intervals. Variable amounts of cloud are likely through the day with a low chance of any light outbreaks of showery rain. Temperatures will gradually turn a little milder into the afternoon.

Maximum Temperature 19°C 

Forecast Issued: 1500 Thursday 15th September 2022