Ebay take down wristband sales from Queen's Lying in State

queen's lying in state wristband pa
Wristbands from the Queen's lying in state are being sold on Ebay Credit: PA

Ebay said it is taking down sales of used wristbands from the Queen's Lying-in-State, which have attracted bids of more than £2,000.

The biggest sale before Ebay took action to remove the posts came in at £199.99.

At one point, there were around 30 wristbands for sale, with some even offering bundle deals with train tickets and pamphlets to mark the occasion.

One gold-coloured wristband was subject to two bids of £2,000 before another user offered £50 more.

Another red version was listed for £100, but rocketed to 10 times that cost after a series of bids.

A spokesperson for Ebay said: “These items are against our policies and we are removing them from our site.”

Shop owner Ismial Ibrahim said his memorabilia shop had seen takings increase by an average of £350 a day. Credit: AP

While queuing for a moment of sombre reflection, the entry ticket and the memorabilia surrounding the Queen's death, have also presented those who sell souvenirs with an opportunity.

Ismial Ibrahim, manager of a tourist gift shop near Buckingham Palace, said: "There were people flowing to the shop asking for anything they can buy with a picture of the Queen on.”

People from around the world continue to join the queue to Westminster Hall to take part in commemorations.

Opportunistic collection is not a new phenomenon, with memorabilia marking the death of the Queen Mother still available to purchase on Ebay 20 years later.

Members of the public read special newspaper supplements about the Queen Mother's death in 2002 Credit: PA

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