Confiscated food from Queen's Lying in State queue to be donated to charity

People cover themselves with blankets as they queue to see the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II.
Mourners have until Monday morning to see the Queen lying in state. Credit: PA

Food confiscated from people waiting in the queue for the Queen’s Lying in State is being donated to charity.

Mourners are not allowed to take food or drink inside the Palace of Westminster, and any such items will be confiscated.

Hundreds of kilos of food, mostly snacks like crisps, chocolate and biscuits, has been received by The Felix Project charity, which is also accepting unwanted blankets.

Many of those in the queue have been waiting 24 hours to complete the five-mile walk, from Southwark Park to Westminster Hall, to pay their respects to the late Monarch.

As such, people are bringing plenty of food along to keep their spirits up.

Once mourners reach Victoria Tower Gardens the food is confiscated, before entry to the Parliamentary estate is allowed.

But instead of being thrown away, all non-perishable and unopened packages are saved.

The Felix Project will then distribute the items to the thousands of community groups it works with across the capital.

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“We are honoured to be here to play a small part in this hugely poignant event and to know that an extra layer of good is being done here," said its chief executive, Charlotte Hill.

“This food is a hugely unique donation and will help hundreds of people who are struggling to afford to eat.

“We support thousands of organisations helping a huge range of people and every day more are getting in contact asking us to give them food.

“We need more food, so opportunities like this are truly wonderful.”

Members of the public in the queue on Lambeth Bridge in London Credit: Victoria Jones/PA

The charity became involved after being told by The Scout Association that a significant amount of food was being thrown away.

Mourners have until Monday morning to see the Queen Lying in State. With many having to sleep out overnight and temperatures dropping, officials have been handing out blankets. However, as people get towards the front these are being discarded.

The Felix Project plans to give half to charities supporting the homeless in London, and the rest will be donated as supplies to Ukraine.